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Our Growth and Reach

After solidifying our position as a prominent bin cleaning company in the UK, along with a network of franchisees nationwide, we’ve also emerged as a market leader in Australia over the past 5 years. We supply our machines to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to transition from their jobs, as well as serve a diverse range of commercial clients, including mini-sites, waste collection companies, local councils, and government facilities like prisons.

Our commitment extends beyond standard solutions, as we understand that each customer’s needs are unique. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

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Key Features

Flexible Installation: Choose from our flexible installation options. Our experienced technicians can supply and install The Jiff bin washing machine on your vehicle at our workshops, ensuring a seamless setup.

Worldwide Shipping: For added convenience, we offer worldwide shipping services. Your machine will be carefully palletised and shipped to your desired location anywhere across the globe, ensuring efficient delivery. You’ll receive a comprehensive instruction and installation guide, along with a dedicated telephone number for installer support. Please note that proper installation is crucial to maintain warranty validity.

Static and 3-Phase Versions: In addition to our vehicle-mounted units, we also provide a 240V static version for fixed locations and a powerful 3-phase option. The 3-phase version is ideal for applications with higher power requirements, ensuring efficient bin cleaning for your specific needs.

10-Year Guarantee: At The Jiff, we have full confidence in the quality and durability of our machines. That’s why we proudly offer a remarkable 10-year guarantee. Yes, you read that right—10 years of peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a reliable solution. Our clients include various commercial entities, waste collection companies, local councils, and government facilities, such as airports and prison facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick answers to our top 5 questions about The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine.

What is The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine?

The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine is a high-quality, professional-grade equipment designed to clean, sanitise, disinfect, and deodorise wheelie bins. It offers an efficient and effective solution for maintaining hygiene and complying with environmental regulations.

How much does The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine cost?

The price for a standard Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine is $34,995, plus GST. Please note that bespoke machines are priced individually. Contact us for specific pricing details.

Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we offer installation services for The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine. Our experienced technicians can fit the machine to your vehicle at our workshops, ensuring it’s ready for use.

Is shipping available worldwide?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping services for your convenience. Your machine will be securely palletised and shipped to any location globally, guaranteeing efficient delivery. Along with your shipment, you will receive a detailed instruction and installation guide, plus access to a dedicated telephone line for installer support. It’s important to follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure your warranty remains valid.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We provide a remarkable 10-year guarantee for The Jiff Bin Cleaning Machine. This warranty demonstrates our commitment to the quality and durability of our equipment.

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